Be more nimble


Everyone starts with our Be More Nimble Planning Path. We (ideally) meet face to face for an in depth interview about your organization and what you want to achieve. Afterwards, we will provide a user-centered plan for investigating and mapping out your goals.

Take this plan and run with it or apply the cost to any of our packages on the following pages.


Kick start | 2 Weeks


Identify your biggest opportunities and kick start them forward! In this process we investigate assumptions and opportunities you have about your users and organization. We then kickstart a strategy for you, giving you something to share with potential funders and supporters while letting you adapt and engage your team when you are ready.

Show & tell | 4 weeks


Our most popular package dives deep into understanding the experiences of your users and organization, then brings your team together to collaboratively find creative and strategic solutions. We facilitate the process and package it together in a way that makes it easy for you to tell the amazing strategic story of your organization's vision for the future and how you will get there.

Ready to Launch |
6 weeks


Get the feedback that shows how your work will make a difference! This package gives you everything in the Show & Tell package to discover insights and collaborate with your stakeholders, PLUS additional time to quickly prototype elements of your strategy, get real feedback on how they impact your mission and integrate it into your plan.