Business Innovation

While business has very different outcomes from nonprofits, there is much to be learned from how they prepare for the future. The design thinking processes can help your organization stay efficient and prepare you for what lies ahead.


strategic roleouts

Proctor & Gamble came to me to create a long-plan for rolling out a new technology across several brands. A user-centered approach created a strategic plan that visualized short, mid and long term goals based on consumer acceptance.

  • We can help you create a map of how to roll out new programming so that it doesn't shock your systems.

Future pipeline

User experience interviews and trend analysis helped create an engaging range of concepts for the sensitive market of adult incontinence. These concepts helped guide the brand team to make decisions that empathize with their user.

  • Understanding the current and future needs of your users can help us design program concepts that make an impact for years to come.

New markets + quick prototyping

Po Campo came out of the gate with a new market - cycling bags design specifically for women. Quick prototypes and user testing allowed us to create a desirable product in an unknown market. 

  • By testing program prototypes with users, we can build your organization winning concepts quickly.