Design thinking should be at the core of strategy development and organizational change in order to create a culture that’s focused on this way of solving problems. This way of thinking can be applied to products, services, and processes; anything that needs to be improved.
— Lawton Ursrey, Forbes

we can help.

Our professional innovation and strategic nonprofit experience bring together a wide range of support for your program development, experience design, or strategic planning process. Whether you need to better understand the challenge at hand, a quick idea generation workshop or a more in-depth plan to find solutions at the heart of your mission, we can customize an approach to help.



What motivates your audience?
Good design starts with a deeper understanding of how your audience finds solutions for their needs. Our Stakeholder + User Interviews let us help you understand those you are serving, those you want to serve and and those who make your mission happen. We will use our expertise to uncover valuable insights, promising opportunities to meet your goals and determine the correct challenges to tackle.                                                           More detail


What is your unique niche?
Understanding the landscape in which you serve can help define where your organization can make the most impact and how to learn and differentiate from others. Whether for program development, improved marketing, or grant applications our Discover and Define processes can help you understand what others do well and where there are opportunities to advance your mission. 

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What are your best ideas?
Your team holds the teeny insights that can lead to big, impactful ideas. Our Collaborative Workshops, customized for your mission and challenges, can pull them out for larger development into programs. These events can bring together research and goals from an existing strategic plan to design or improve programs, or be incorporated into a strategic planning process. 

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What are strategic your solutions?
Based on research and insights from your team, we can conceptualize Strategic Program or Experience Concepts - from big picture ideas as part of a strategic plan or detailed requirements for a program design - including goals, impact, partners, timeline, budget and potential funding. 

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What are the most impactful solutions?
How do you know program or experience concepts will be effective? Concepts are always in development and we can find low cost ways of Program or Experience Prototyping and Testing, getting ideas in front of users and quickly testing them for effectiveness and refinement.

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