The Thorny Problem of Strategic Planning

Thorny Problem-01.jpg


How useful was your last strategic plan? When it comes to small nonprofits, there are so many frustrations I hear about strategic planning – “By the time it is done our organization has already changed!” or “We spent so much money on a plan but it just sits on the shelf.” As the landscape where your organization plays changes more quickly, long-term planning may become less relevant. Un-engaging plans are often drawn out and end up wordy, making it difficult to adjust or even keep top of mind as you navigate new, complex challenges.

So what’s the point?

This is where each organization needs to ask itself, ‘why are we doing a strategic plan in the first place?’ There are many reasons to take on a strategic plan, including refocusing your organization’s priorities, aligning various stakeholders on actions that need be taken -or not taken, finding new ways to improve your impact, or maybe even just because your board said so. It helps your organization understand where to focus over a certain amount of time and sets some limitations so you don’t try to do everything. The end result is a document everyone can all agree on and see how to get there.

A better way

What if a strategic plan could be so straight forward and inspiring you could show it to one of your relatives and get them excited about the impact your organization is making? At teenyBIG we think of planning as a way to inspire others with your mission to do good. Our user-centered approach makes those you serve the central part of your plan. We gather insights directly from them and then collaborate with your stakeholders (be they users, staff, board). Together, we create solutions for your challenges and agree on what you would like them to achieve. We then blend all of this information into a visual story of your future that is flexible and can be shared with anyone you’d like to inspire.

We’d like to help you be more nimble. Want to talk? We promise it won’t hurt!