Nonprofit Innovation

Using design thinking, we have helped nonprofits create innovative programming that meets their goals. By applying our business innovation experience with our knowledge of nonprofits, we can turn teeny insights into BIG impact!

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User centered research

When conducting interviews, we rely on not just what users tell us, but also discover the unsaid by observing what they do. Through the A Day in Avondale Art Walk neighborhood revitalization program, we observed how attendees walked the event and found patterns in the most popular vs. least popular events. Using these insights, we created parameters for more successful exhibits that were able to draw future attendees into more local spaces.

  • We can conduct user-centered interviews and observe how they experience your services from start to finish, discovering insights that lead to more effective programs.
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collaborative Workshops

At DesignHouse, we used collaborative workshops to bring together manufacturers, designers and makers to discover new product opportunities using local manufacturing processes. Using a structured process, we led the diverse teams to fill the walls with ideas, build on them, and present lead concepts. 

  • We can bring together your team or a diverse group of partners to discover new solutions that passionately fulfill your mission within the resources of your organization.
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Incorporating new technologies

We look at how new technologies are changing the world and how they can support the impact of your nonprofit's mission. For example, DesignHouse looked to inspire youth to learn more about modern manufacturing and the internet of things. By partnering with local tech firm, Aeris, we developed a workshop creating an IoT installation that would continually engage students throughout the year. 

  • Whether it is incorporating new technologies behind the scenes or using it to impact those you serve, design thinking can help create programs that keep your organization thinking ahead.