Emily Taylor - Principal

It is my mission to help people better understand each other and collaborate to create lasting solutions. As an innovation designer, I have worked with organizations, large and small, using design thinking to bring opportunities to life. At teenyBIG, I use this knowledge to help member-and-visitor based nonprofits better understand their audience, remove obstacles, and build engaging experiences that make an impact on their mission.

In addition to teenyBIG, have the unique experience of leading within both for-profit and nonprofit worlds. For over 15 years, I lead design thinking teams, discovering user-centered insights, and creating engaging solutions. Clients include strategic and innovation projects with P&G, Kimberly Clark, and Kellogg's. Additionally, I have served on various civic and community organizing boards for over a decade, developing unique programming and strategic direction. Most recently, I served as Executive Director for DesignHouse, a pilot nonprofit program, using design thinking to revitalize local manufacturing.

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