At teenyBIG, we understand that small nonprofits have limited resources, with just a few key people steering the ship. You need to be inspirational, opportunistic, but also careful with your decisions. You need a strategy, but why does it need to take 6 months and cost as much as one of your staff?

We find that strategic plans are dry, time consuming, and costly. Our process - built from years of experience using design thinking and leadership at small nonprofits - engages, inspires, and moves quickly. Contact us to find out more about how we can design a path to think big, align your team, and work within your resources.


So... is this Strategic Planning?


While we achieve the goals of assessing your impact, aligning your team, and creating a path forward, our process is not the same as a full Strategic Plan. We believe that a full plan is not always necessary for smaller organizations who have less resources and need to be more adaptable in a constantly changing world. 

How is it different?

We have a user-centered approach that speeds up the development process while engaging your board and staff along the way. Our focus will be on discovering inspirational but achievable goals presented in a visually engaging way to be understood by anyone anywhere. What we will take into account but not dive as deep into is financial health, board development, or big changes in your mission.

How teenyBIG Works

At teenyBIG, Principal Emily Taylor has used nearly two decades of experience in innovation, design thinking, and small nonprofit leadership to develop this process for mission driven organizations to visualize their future. We offer several packages to fit your budget.