We use human-centered design to build nimble, down-to-earth strategies that help member- and visitor-based organizations increase their impact.

“What are people thinking?” At teenyBIG, we understand that nonprofits need to keep their fingers on the pulse of their participants, visitors, and members. People's decision-making processes are complicated but we can help you listen, understand, and adapt to better connect with them. We then help you build thoughtful, strategic solutions that help your organization advance your mission more nimbly.

Our method

We use a combination of design thinking and user-experience processes to gather insights that help member- and visitor-based nonprofits better empathize with their supporters. We then creatively explore ways to meet their needs within your capacity and can bring these ideas to life, exploring an idea’s impact before spending a bunch of time and money. And we make our process and strategy engaging and user-friendly for you too!

Why Build empathy

and 3 tips for doing it

Why it works

Similar strategies are used in the for-profit world to create enticing, smooth experiences for consumers but we understand mission based organizations need a slightly different approach. By looking through the eyes of the people you work with - what motivates them and how they make decisions - and overlaying the impact your mission, we can help you design a nimble path to increase engagement and support of your organization.

How teenyBIG Works

At teenyBIG, we are passionate about finding the often overlooked, teeny changes that can make a big impact. Principal Emily Taylor uses two decades of experience in innovation, design thinking, and small nonprofit leadership to deliver this process helping mission-driven organizations create an inspirational but nimble strategy to make change. We offer several packages to fit your needs and budget.

What next?

We’d love to hear more about the challenges you are tackling. Reach out to talk or get tips and tricks for connecting your mission with your audience by signing up for our newsletter below.