Champions help you move your mission forward. We help you engage these visitors, members, and volunteers at a higher level using a bottom-up approach.

You’ve may have already tried data to help you connect more with your audience but aren’t sure what to do with the results. Data is great but, because of the complexity of human decision making, it can overlook the nuances and passions around why people are attracted to your mission. This is where teenyBIG’s process using best practices from human-centered design and user-experience can help.

Our method

Human-centered design is a bottom-up process that helps you and your team look at challenges through an empathetic lens. Rather than making big, risky plans, we keep the process flexible and get feedback on the functional and emotional needs of your audience along the way. Our solutions allow you to make safe, steady changes that engage your audience and integrate within your organization. Read more about our process here. 

Why Build empathy

and 3 tips for doing it

Why it works

Similar strategies are used in the for-profit world to create enticing, smooth experiences for consumers. As nonprofits start to use these strategies, we understand that mission-based organizations need a slightly different approach. By looking through the eyes of your audience - what motivates them and how they make decisions - and overlaying the impact your mission, we can help you design a nimble path to attract, retain, and inspire your desired most passionate supporters.

How teenyBIG Works

At teenyBIG, we are passionate about finding the often overlooked, teeny changes that can make a big impact. Principal Emily Taylor uses two decades of experience in innovation, design thinking, and small nonprofit leadership to deliver this process helping mission-driven organizations create an inspirational but nimble strategy to engage people.

What next?

We want to know how we can help you find solutions to the tough member and visitor challenges you are struggling with. Reach out to learn if this process is a good fit for your needs and get tips and tricks for expanding your mission with your champions by signing up for our newsletter below.